For over 150 years, Haviland  has been celebrated for its generation spanning designs. American businessman David Haviland was inspired by an encounter with one exceptional teacup. The translucent and sturdy cup was like nothing he had ever seen and he traveled to Limoges - the French city known for its pure, white kaolin clay—and in 1842 he built the factory there that would bear his name. Crafted in the centuries old tradition of Limoges, France, Haviland porcelain is prized for its translucency and durability. Haviland's wide variety of both classic and contemporary patterns has made it an international favorite for generations.

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Haviland - Dinner Set - Symphony Gold & Blue by Haviland
This stunning, 38 piece dinner set is made from the finest porcelain by Haviland, one of the re..