Since 1926, L’Atelier du Vin, a family-run business with vineyards in Champagne, France, has specialised in supplies and equipment for wine-making, bottling and serving. Today, L’Atelier du Vin, thanks to its research, its wine tools and its wine education tools, is the sole specialist able to cover every step in the life of a wine from the cellar to the glass.

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Arbre A Verres - Glass Storage Tree
This multifunction Arbre à Verres glass tree from Atelier du Vin is the perfect way for wine enthusi..
Baladeur Fresh Noir - Cooler Bag
Transport your white wine, rose wine and champagne in a chic way with this cooler bag. Just keep in ..
Barman - Wine Bottle Opener
Effortlessly removes the cork Built-in foil cutter Ideal for busy bars and clubs Smooth feel I..
Bilame Or - Cork Remover
The Bilame twin blade corkscrew is an historical part of L'Atelier du Vin's range since 1949. The Bi..
Bouchon Universel - Bottle Seal
This Universal Stoppers seal wine bottles airtight and can be used on all sorts of bottles for wine,..
Bubble Indicator - Champagne Preserver
Can't finish the champagne? This Bubble Indicator will extend the life of an opened bottle of champa..
Carafe Cantatrice - Decanter
This curvaceous decanter is perfect for the flow of the wine and the use of it during a meal. Ample ..
Carafe Classic Appellation
Carafe Classic Appellation is the perfect-shaped decanter to bring out the best in red wines. There ..
Carafe Classic Developer - Decanter
Decanting a wine using the Developer is bringing it gently and effectively to its optimum condition ..
Carafe Fresh - Decanter / Chiller
Ensure your wine is always the perfect temperature with the carafe fresh from L'Atelier Du Vin. The ..
Carafe Ligne & Bouchon Corolle - Decanter With Stopper
Display your wine in elegant style with this Carafe Spiral and Bouchon Corolle from Atelier du Vin. ..
Chic Glass Palette - Wine Glass Marker
Never forget which glass is yours at parties! Chic Glass is the simple and elegant marker of your gl..
Chic Set Monsieur - Opener & Preserver
The Chic Monsieur corkscrew, the ON/OFF Gard'vin (stops open wine oxydation) and the two ON/OFF seal..
Developer - Wine Enhancer
This special silver-plated stopper called the Developer, has six pouring grooves that allow the wine..
Egouttoir À Verres - Rack (Pliable) For Stemware
The perfect rack to dry wine glasses. Can be folded away for saving space. ..
Electric Barman - Electric Wine Opener
The electric "Barman" rechargeable corkscrew features a digital display and will uncork your bottle ..
Gard'vin On/off + 2 Bouchons On/off  - Wine Preserver
The ON/OFF Gard'vin wine keeper prevents the oxidation of open wine. The color indicator shows at a ..
Gard'vin On/off Metal - Wine Preserver
The ON/OFF Gard'vin wine keeper prevents the oxidation of open wine. The color indicator shows at a ..
Good Size Lounge (Box of 2 Glasses) - Stemless Wine Glass
Stem-less wine glass pair Good Size is blown from high-quality lead-free glass Good size seri..
Good Size No 3 - Pair Of Large Wine Glasses
Good Size No 3 (pair of glasses) - perfect for red wines and favoured by wine lovers. ..
L'Atelier Du Vin - Verseur-Bouchon Universel
The Pourer-Stopper preserves opened bottles of wine by sealing wine bottles airtight. It fits most o..
L'Exploreur Classic Glass Pair
This wine glass has an 'aroma line', a small notch on the inner surface, that breaks down the molecu..
Learn how to taste wine like a true professional! French-English Version. 8 Private wine-tasting les..
Oeno Box Collector - Wine Tools For The Connoisseur
Iconic tools of L’Atelier du Vin for opening, serving and preserving wines and champagnes, all toget..
Oeno Box Sommelier - Wine Tool Kit with Guide
L’Atelier du Vin's Oeno Box Sommelier is the ideal set to master the wine and food pairings of forty..